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Lushvase Multi Use Planter Pots

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Bring life to your gloomy home

You don’t need a big balcony, spacious shelves or an outdoor garden to invite nature’s flora to your home! Lushvase helps you grow succulent plants without taking any space away from you!

Our mini pots provide excellent drainage and ventilation to the plants while keeping a size small enough to fit neatly with the aesthetics of your home and take as little space as possible!

You can enjoy a variety of different exotic flora decorating your rooms without taking them over and experience the gardening hobby without needing a garden, balcony or any extra space!

Why Lushvase is for you

Live around nature- Create a lush garden straight in your room, spread the vegetation around the shelves and corners of your home!

Growth without limits- Thanks to its open-ended bottom, Lushvase helps the plants stay healthy and flourish even in a compact space!

Build your oasis- Growing your succulent plants has never been easier, Lushvase gives you tons of space for all your favorite flora!

Lushvase is the ultimate choice- Set a homey aesthetic around your empty rooms with the perfect flora for all your indoor decorative needs!