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Metal Hanging Basket Planters

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Minimal aesthetic metal hanging iron planters, perfect for indoors and outdoor. True to the Laidback Gardener’s approach these planters are easy to set up and provide a decluttered minimalistic feel are ideal to gently brighten up rooms, patios, porches, and gardens with both artificial and natural plants.

  • Modern minimalistic design
  • Brightens up outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Easy setup premium material
  • Perfect for decorative artificial plants 

Feature and placement 


Circular frame: 34cm 
Length: 65cm
Pot diameter: 14cm 

Oval frame : 52 x 16cm
Length: 100cm 
Pot diameter: 15 cm

Add on-chain included 

The Laidback Gardener recommends: This planter for both indoor and outdoor placements. For the casual enthusiast, we recommend clubbing with our artificial plants, for the more experienced gardeners - we already know what you are doing!