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Tropical Leaf Faux Plant

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Bring the flavor of the tropics to your home, pool, or yard. This outstanding tropical aesthetic faux plant gives an all-year-round decoration to the space of your choice with zero effort. 

  • Tropical feel
  • Versatile placement - indoor and outdoor
  • No watering or care required
  • Maintains height, shape, and size for years 


  • Small: Height - 80 cm  7 leaves
  • Medium: Height - 90 cm 9 leaves
  • Large: Height - 98 cm 15 leaves
  • Extra Large: Height - 120 cm 11 leaves 

The laidback Gardener recommends: For anyone and everyone looking to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces with a classy laid-back option that fills a space with an easy eye-pleasing aesthetic and a maintenance-free stay.